Tessellated Tiles Patterns

Our famous range of tessellated tiles.
Tessellated Tiles Patterns
Tier 1

Clean & Simple

Basic in geometry, timeless in design. These classic tessellated tile patterns proudly adorn the floors of thousands of heritage (and modern) homes around Sydney and Melbourne.

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Tier 2

Lively & Elegant

Upping the complexity, the Lively and Elegant tessellated tile patterns see a more expressive use of colours, design motifs and intricate geometry for a multi-faceted surface that is vibrant and alive. 

About our tessellated tiles

Tessellated tiles are integral to Australia's heritage architectural character. After decades of research, thousands of floors laid and years of craftsmanship, Olde English Tiles™ is proud to offer you the most comprehensive, historically accurate tessellated tile range in Australia.

Tier 3

Bold & Charming

Our most ornate designs; with explosive pops of colour, highly intricate geometry and dazzling encaustics, these tessellated tile patterns are for the grandest, and most charming floors.

Did you know?

All of our tessellated tiles patterns use the Winckelmans brand tessellated tiles, which are weather-resistant, incredibly strong and retain their colour for decades.

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