Encaustic Tiles

Stunning antique motifs & designs.
Encaustic Tiles


Unlike most encaustics on the market, the designs on our encaustic tiles aren't screen printed. They are instead made of pigment that runs 3/4 of the way through the tile. In turn, the pattern wears beautifully over time. The tile also isn't porous like ceramic as it's made of fully vitrified porcelain. If you want hard wearing encaustics for your floor then the tiles on this page are your best... Learn more.



Encaustics designed to be repeated continuously in a seamless fashion. Fully-vitrified, full body porcelain encaustics, making them the toughest and longest lasting encaustic tiles on the market.

  •  -  Lille Pattern in Bathroom
  •  -  Lille Pattern in Bathroom
  •  -  Lille Pattern in Bathroom
Lille Pattern  Our lille pattern evokes a sense of charm and elegance in this feature floor.


Designed to be infused as ornamental accents in our tessellated tiles patterns and borders. Screen-printed one by one, by hand, in our family factory in Camperdown.

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