Why Winckelmans?

Lovingly crafted in France, our tessellated tiles will go the distance. Here's why:
Winckelmans Colours
Crafted since 1867

Made in France.

For over 120 years Winckelmans has been producing tiles in the north of France. Not even the devastation of two world wars could stop them. Winckelmans unglazed fully vitrified porcelain tiles have been refined continuously over five generations of family ownership, resulting in a product that is historically authentic and technically sophisticated.

Winckelmans Tessellated Tiles Manufacturing Process

Made with love and care

Making a fully vitrified tile:

Winckelmans tiles are pressed and hard baked, making them a fully vitrified tile. They're sorted by hand to ensure colour consistency and accuracy.

  • Pressing
    A mixture of clay, quartz and other materials are tightly compacted through a hydraulic press.
  • Firing
    Tiles are then fired at extraordinarily high temperatures (far higher than other materials).
  • Hand Sorted
    Tiles are sorted by hand to ensure colour consistency and accuracy.
Winckelmans Tiles Strength
Brilliant for home & work.

Incredible Strength

Winckelmans Tiles Strength

In a world of in-built obsolescence, Winckelmans fully vitrified porcelain tiles endure. Extremely high vitrification (from the Latin word for glass) results in unglazed porcelain tiles that are very dense, therefore very hard, and very resistant to staining and scratching. Their sheer durability makes them exceptionally well suited to extremely high impact zones.

Olde English Tiles St Philips Church
St Philip's Church, Victoria, specified Winckelmans tiles for their durability and longevity.

Wincklemans tiles have been used in a variety of prestigious heritage edifaces and institutions around Australia and the World by virtue of the strength of the product alone. With a full 9mm body (an additional 3mm above our competitor's product), our tessellated tiles are ideal for a wide variety of applications: from a humble verandah in an Australian home, to high traffic strips in shopping malls and churches.

  • Curzon Hall
  • St Patricks
  • Aeroport De Paris
  • QVB
  • Hermes
  • Kirribilli

Full body. Extra tough

Withstands the heaviest traffic conditions.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    Deep Scratch Resistance
    Meaning no deep cuts or perforations.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    High Dent Resistance
    Tiles that will take a knock or two.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    High Crush Resistance
    Built for heavy traffic applications.

Endures the harshest of conditions.

Winckelmans Waterproof Tessellated Tiles

Because of the extreme density of particles that the vitrification process causes, Winckelmans tiles resist moisture. This makes them impervious to water and other liquids. With a porosity level close to zero, Winckelmans unglazed, fully vitrified porcelain tiles don’t need sealing, and will retain their appearance for decades.

  • Winckelmans Tiles Colour Retention
    Material particles are pressed very tightly and fired, meaning water and other liquids have a far more difficult time penetrating the surface.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    A less dense, non-vitrified tile, results in pockets of air and imperfections, meaning water damage and staining if not sealed correctly.

Winckelmans’ combination of high quality raw materials, modern, automated machinery and technology, plus rigorous quality control, ensures a product that is so strong and resistant to surface damage that it can be used in all environments - commercial or domestic, indoors or out, wet or dry, walls or floors.

Resists the elements.

Better made means better resiliance.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Colour Retention
    Superior colour retention
    Vitrification means tiles that look as brilliant in ten years as they do now.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    Water Resistant
    Use it inside or out, wall or floor.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    Frost & Heat Resistant
    Tiles that can weather even the harshest of storms.
Incredible design

Authentic colours
& patterns

With a manufacturing history of over 120 years to draw on, Winckelmans tiles and mosaics reproduce heritage colours, to ensure the authentic look and feel of just about any period you wish to create, from Colonial and Old Australian, through to early and late Victorian & Federation, Art Deco and beyond. Available in over 50 colours, Winckelmans colour palette is both diverse and harmonious, making it supremely easy to mix and match. It’s worth noting also, that the white is white, the black is black, and the red is a rich ferrous red (as opposed to a clay red in other products).

The matt finish and square edges are hallmarks of the products’ authenticity and superior quality. With Winckelmans tiles and mosaics you won’t find cushioned edges or dimpled surfaces, nor will you get a glossy, ‘plastic’ sheen common to other types of tile. The unglazed finish is a natural, untreated finish, and a beautiful result of the combination of different earth materials used in the manufacturing process.

Winckelmans Colours

Winckelmans Style Department are continually exploring their vast archives to re-issue classical design motifs of the late 19th & early 20th centuries. With a portfolio of over 50 shapes and sizes, almost any idea or pattern can come to life. You'd need only start.

  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    Full colour
    No surface glazing here – our tiles see the colour the whole way through.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    Matte Finish
    An unglazed finish makes it a favourite for designers around the world.
  • Winckelmans Tiles Strength
    Over 35 colours
    A beautifully balanced spectrum of over thirty five harmonious colours.