Classic Vitrified Mosaics

Classic patterns for a vintage feel.
Classic Vitrified Mosaics


Though encaustic and tessellated patterned floors dominated late Victorian and Federation domestic, commercial and civic architecture, it was not the only type of floor covering on offer for heavy traffic areas. Mosaic floors, fabricated from the same material as the tessellated componentry - vitrified porcelain, became increasingly popular for pathways and verandahs as well as bathrooms. Major... Learn more.

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All of the colours within our mosaics and tessellated tile patterns are completely customisable, so you can colour to your heart's content.

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  •  -  Le Vrai Bakery in Milano
  •  -  Le Vrai Bakery in Milano
Le Vrai Bakery  A beautiful custom mosaic pattern using Winckelmans tiles.

Did you know?

All of our mosaics are made using the Winckelmans brand of mosaic tiles, which are weather-resistant, incredibly strong and retain their colour for decades.

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