Bopp & Tone, Sydney CBD

Newcomer Bopp & Tone's bar and restaurant, designed by Luchetti Krelle, is brimming with nostalgia and every day opulence. Featuring a custom mosaic pattern in 20 x 20 squares to frame the bar front, Bopp & Tone's relaxed atmosphere features heavy marbles, classic tiles and textures, dark and moody timber furnishings and an alfresco dining terrace. We spoke to one of the designers at Luchetti Krelle all about the custom mosaic pattern and the inspiration behind the design.

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Ready to be seated Custom mosaic pattern

Tell us about Luchetti Krelle? What projects do you typically work on?


Luchetti Krelle was founded by Rachel Luchetti & Stuart Krelle in 2008. Although the studio maintains a diverse portfolio, the primary focus is hospitality.

What was the overall aesthetic you were going for in the space?


The initial concept of the venue was an ode to the owner's grandfathers - Keith ‘Bopp’ Evans & Anthony ‘Tone’ Adams. We sought to conjure the nostalgia and optimism of the post World War II era that they lived in.

bopp n tone
The bar Custom mosaic pattern

Were there any important factors you have to consider when choosing tiles for the project?


The venue has a strong bar focus so we needed a hard wearing material for the bar floor and kitchen/bathroom corridor which also met code requirements.

What made you choose these tiles for the bar area?


The venue has a rich and textured colour palette and we needed the tiles to fit with the scheme. The range from Olde English Tiles had an extensive colour range and the matte finish worked perfectly with the rest of the material palette.

bopp n tone

What was the inspiration behind the pattern of tiles chosen?


The ability to create a custom pattern was really important for us. We wanted to be able to pick up the mustard, burgundy and green tones throughout the venue and do so in a way which was subtle yet played homage to traditional mosaic patterns of the era.

bopp n tone
Speaking with one of the designers

Are there any other shapes, colours or patterns from Olde English Tiles that you’d like to use in future projects?


We’re currently looking at using the Marais Tessellated Pattern for table tops in an upcoming project!


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