Why in-store pricing?

Tessellated tiles are an incredibly beautiful addition to any home or commercial space, but installing them correctly requires experience and sufficient knowledge of the laying process.

Generally speaking, a tessellated tile floor consist of three elements: a pattern, border and filler component. Calculating the correct quantities of each, and ensuring these elements come together aesthetically and structurally requires an acute eye and a delicate hand.

It is for this reason that we prefer discussing your project in detail first before estimating a project. There are multiple benefits to having us see the project first:

  • Every project is unique: the wide variety of construction patterns across different styles of heritage buildings means that every space is different. Coming out to a project ensures that we understand the scope of the project and can account for all the nuances of your space.
  • Accurate quote: Properly obtaining the dimensions of a space means we can estimate a job accurately and fairly. It's important to us that any estimate from Olde English Tiles™ is as rigorous and thoughtful as the finish itself. On that note... 
  • A great finish: Seeing your project first-hand will ensure we get all the finer details of a great tessellated floor right (clearance, proper fall, seamless pattern edges and border corners, correct buffer) 

Laying a tessellated floor can be a very tricky thing to get right. It needn't be; a good, thorough assessment of your floor or wall area will ensure that the final result is square, functional, historically-accurate and reflective of the aesthetic beauty tessellated floors are so renowned for.

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