Traditional And Contemporary Baths

The centrepiece of bathrooms is the bath. They are more than just a place to wash our bodies clean. They symbolise purity, cleanliness, innocence-if you like. The act of bathing is an act of renewal; it lifts our spirits, it relaxes and invigorates. It makes us feel human again. OETA offer both Traditional and Contemporary baths for all your needs.

Traditional Cast Iron Baths

Our range of Cast Iron Porcelain freestanding Baths offer excellent -

> Heat retaining properties

> Acid and alkali resistant

> Crack, impact and scratch proof

 Our range is also approved by the Australian Plumbing Board.

Traditional Heritage Freestanding Claw Foot Acrylic Baths

> Double skinned Acrylic.

> Single molded design.

> EXPOSED adjustable legs (for differing floor levels).  

> 5 Year replacement Warranty.

Characteristics of Gala Steel Baths

Gala baths are produced in its technologically advanced European facilities to the highest standards.

Our baths meet the most stringent European standards and allow our baths to –

> Have a high level of hardness which cannot be scratched by everyday bathroom items

> Be highly resistant to chemicals such as acids and colorants

> Be long lasting against the effects of light and time

This long lasting nature of Gala steel baths enables them to be backed by a 30 year guarantee.

Libra Designer Acrylic Bath

Desiger Bath Silver Libra for contemporary modern bathrooms.

> Double skinned Acrylic

> Single molded design

> Concealed adjustable legs (for differing floor levels)

> New slim rim technology

Comes with a 5 year replacement Warranty.

The OETA range of Baths is available from our showroom in Sydney only.

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