History of Tessellated Panels in Australia

Sometimes an entire tessellated floor is not the most appropriate response to tiling an area, or the budget may not allow it.

In such cases a tessellated panel is the perfect solution when you want something with a traditional feel but don't want to overdo it. Perhaps the space is very small or an irregular shape or the laundry floor, plain 100x100mm porcelain tiles plus one or more panels, such as the Toorak, Paddington or Bolton is the way to go.

The OETA range of tessellated floor and border patterns is available from our showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne. OETA uses the World renowned Winckelmans tiles. Winckelmans fully vitrified porcelain tiles and mosaics are extremely durable, resistant to frost, scratching, moisture absorption, acid and impact. They are rated well above the recommended professional standards and norms. The tiles in this collection are suitable for wet and dry environments, inside and out.

To see photos of tessellated floors see our Gallery-VerandahsGallery-PathsGallery-Commercial and HospitalityGallery-Bathrooms or see our images of verandah and pathways being transformed into works of art Gallery-Verandah and Path Transformations.

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