The History of Puebla Wall Tiles in Australia

This category is an acknowledgement of the many cultures throughout history that have made an invaluable contribution to the science, technology and/or the aesthetics of ceramic tiles that are not directly associated with the 19th & early 20th century Anglo Australian ceramic tile experience - such as  Mexican experience - OETA will continually add new designs and ranges to this category.

 "In the first half of the 16th century the craft of majolica ceramic tiles and pottery was established in Mexico by craftsmen migrating from Seville and Talavera in Spain.” These Mexican tiles, painted in a lively style known as "puebla" (named after the city in which they were produced) display European, Chinese, Middle Eastern and, initially, indigenous influences, interpreted in a naively vivid fashion. Tiles were painted mostly in blue on white, and polychrome. Puebla became the centre of production for this type of tile because of the quality of the clay found there and the demand for tiles from the newly established churches and monasteries in the area.

By the time of the Mexican War of Independence, Mexican majolica was exported throughout the New World and had completely displaced the more expensive Spanish product from the market. Throughout the 20th century however, Mexican tile producers continued to import and copy styles from England and France.

Most ceramics produced in central Mexico are fired at a low temperature - 800 degrees C or less, and covered with a glaze made of lead and other minerals. In the 1990's a government entity worked to produce a lead-free glaze employing boron. However, research has found lead in products stamped "lead free". It is estimated that only half of Mexico's potteries have switched to boron based glazes.

OETA's hand-painted Mexican style tiles are fired in modern kilns here in Sydney and are completely lead-free. You can choose from our standard range or our in-house artist can paint something to your specifications."

Most Hand Painted tiles in the "Puebla Collection" are done to order and can take 3 to 5 weeks before delivery pick up is organized.
1/ All tiles in the “Shop Puebla Collection” are original OETA designs. Any unauthorized copying will incur legal action.
2/ All tiles in the OETA “Puebla Collection” are hand-painted. Variations from tile to tile are an inherent characteristic of these tiles and add to their charm. No claims will be considered based on variations of colour or motif details.
3/ All designs are available on 100 x 100mm white or vanilla unless otherwise stated.
4/ All designs are available with round corners or square corners with ripple surface.
5/ The glazes used to decorate tiles in the “Puebla Collection” are 100% lead free.
6/ OETA reserves the right to alter or discontinue designs in the “Puebla Collection” without prior notice.

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