Sydney bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations, made easy.

Waiting on the plumber before the tiles go in? Electricians waiting for the concreter, who's waiting for the designer? Frantically co-ordinating everything as the light at then end of the tunnel is still seemingly outside your reach?

Rest easy; we'll do the driving.

With decades of experience in tiles, we've witnessed first hand the frustration that a complete bathroom renovation can cause. That's why Olde English Tiles has introduced a new service to co-ordinate and manage a team of hand-selected professionals across the building spectrum to complete your renovation as smoothly as possible. From breaking ground to the first dip in your new bathtub, this new service makes the headache ours and the peace of mind all yours. 

Art Deco bathroom with mosaic tiles

A to B, and everything in between.

From plumbers to electrical, water-proofers to tilers, designers to engineers, our team has been assembled to ensure a cohesive, frictionless bathroom renovation. With skills that accommodate every checkpoint in the build process, every facet of the renovation is completely handled by us. With decades of experience building bathrooms and a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and complexities involved in a typical bathroom build, there is now every reason to put Olde English Tiles in the front seat of your renovation. 

Art deco bathroom with tessellated tiles


Let us come to have a peek of your project; reach out to us on our dedicated form below and we'll get out to your place and help you get you on the right track.