Glazed Feature Wall Tiles

Eye-catching glazed tiles
Glazed Feature Wall Tiles


Our comprehensive range of glazed tiles includes wall tiles, decorative embossed and capping in two sizes, plus accent strips, suitable for Victorian, Federation & Art Deco homes. -  Available in 15 heritage colours.



What sets our glazed tiles apart
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    Local Manufacture

    Get your tiles sooner

    Produced at our Sydney factory means you are not affected by lengthy shipping delays, and you are supporting an Australian company & Australian workers.

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    Fifteen Colours

    Hand-glazed heritage colours

    From black, white & vanilla to heritage brown, green & burgundy, plus greys, blues, honey & more. All products available in all colours. Select product and scroll to see colours.

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    Various Sizes

    Subways, squares & features

    Wall tiles (6mm) in four sizes, hearth tiles (8mm) in two sizes, plus a huge variety of decorative feature tiles, strips & coves available in two lengths - 150 & 200mm.

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    Numerous Styles

    Commercial & residential projects

    Whether Victorian, Federation, Inter-War, Post-War, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, fire hearth, shop or pub facade, cafe or restaurant, we have a tile to meet your needs.

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    For bespoke commercial projects

    Local manufacture means you can select a size or shape, then choose a shade from our archive of colours without the inconvenience of lengthy O.S. production leadtimes & minimum orders.

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The best of our Glazed Feature Wall Tiles

Plain Wall, Hearth & Feature

Plain Walls: Our wall tiles are available in 4 sizes/shapes and several textures, suitable for traditional & modern residential & commercial projects. Hearth: Enhance the drama and charm of your fireplace by combining these 150x75x8mm & 150x150x8mm hearth tiles with our period decor tiles. Feature: "Kakadu" is a 100x100mm embossed feature tile suitable as a highlight in a wide variety of situations.

150mm Strips

Our large range of strips - listello style & decorative - are suitable as accents in combination with our printed tiles, embossed patterns or as single decorative highlights. Renovating a Victorian cottage, an Art Deco pub, or a contemporary styled cafe? There are myriad options here to achieve your design vision.

150mm Capping, Coving & Round Edge

Capping: Capping tiles are key feature of period bathrooms and popular for the commercial facades. They add character to a tiled wall as well as being practical. Coving: Coving are hygienic, practical & stylish; internal coves make it easier to clean. By eliminating sharp edges on nib walls & niches, external coves make life easier and safer.  Round-Edge:  Nib walls, niches, reveal windows - all benefit from the use of round-edge tiles.

150mm Embossed

Our huge range of floral & geometric decorative embossed & tubeline tiles cover styles from late Georgian through Victorian, Art Nouveau/Edwardian to Art Deco and Country. Suitable for bathroom & kitchen friezes, stair risers & fire hearths.

200mm Strips

A large range of decorative & listello-style, these strips are ideal either as single decor accents or in conjunction with patterned frieze tiles (printed or embossed). The 200mm length is a more contemporary size, but can be used wherever decor accents are required.

200mm Capping & Coving

Capping: With the increased popularity of subway tiles and sophisticated rustic styles like the Hamptons-look, capping tiles have made a comeback. Our 200mm capping tiles are available in a variety of profiles - traditional, rustic and modern, to suit a wide range of interior design types.  Coving: Practical, hygienic & stylish, internal & external coving tiles are the perfect solution to myriad design & maintenance problems.

200mm Embossed

Our range of geometric & floral embossed tiles allows you to effortlessly blend period and contemporary styling elements to achieve an on-trend interpretation of traditional architecture. Today's popular large format rectified wall tiles are transformed by combining them with these hand-glazed decorative border tiles full of period charm.


Frequently asked questions.
  • Why are my tiles crazing?

    Over time certain tiles may craze. Crazing is the formation of a network of fine, hairline cracks on the surface of glazed ceramics caused by tension between the ceramic body and the glaze. It happens naturally in ceramics & in no way affects the durability of the tile. It is part of the inherent nature of ceramics (tiles, pottery, flatware) and contributes to the character of the tile.

  • Can you colour match original heritage tiles?

    Colour matching heritage glaze colours is a difficult, time consuming & expensive process. Some heritage colours are impossible to replicate due to the highly toxic nature of the chemicals & oxides that were originally used. In the case of large, commercial/heritage projects where budgets and time frames are greater, it may be possible to replicate the original colour. For small domestic projects the costs involved are usually too great to justify the effort.

  • Why is there tone variation in my glazed wall tiles/decorative feature tiles?

    Due to the glaze method and firing process, tone variation is an intrinsic characteristic of hand-glazed wall tiles and should not be viewed as a fault or deficiency. Each tile is individually hand-glazed, so no two tiles will be exactly the same. This tone variation lends the tiles a more authentic heritage appearance and adds dimension and life to a tiled wall.

  • Do you accept returns if I order too much?

    Each order is custom made, therefore it is not possible for us to take back items after the order has been completed. Please ensure that you or your tiler has calculated your quantities correctly and that you have allowed sufficient wastage. Should you end up with excess tiles we highly recommend that you store them in a safe place in the event that you extend the tiled area, or you experience a plumbing problem in the future and have to replace broken or damaged tiles.

  • If I am unhappy with the colour after the tiles have been installed, can I make a claim?

    You and/or your tiler are responsible for determining the acceptability of the tiles prior to installation. As these tiles are hand-glazed there will be some tone variation. We are unable to offer a refund (or credit) once the tiles have been installed. Installation equals acceptance.

  • What if I don't order enough & need more to complete my project?

    To avoid this situation we strongly encourage customers to order at least 10% extra for wastage. Running short on a tiling project causes delays and can significantly increase your costs. Due to the nature of hand-glazing we are unable to guarantee that the colour will be an exact match to the original order. We will do our best to get as close to the original as possible.