Encaustics Tiles

Floors that last a lifetime
Encaustics Tiles


Our encaustics are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and domestic locations. Strong, durable, scratch-stain-slip resistant, with colour that goes all the way through, our French encaustics are manufactured in the authentic 19th century method.


What sets our encaustics tiles apart
  • Technical Data

    Vitrified porcelain

    Meets or exceeds industry standards.

    Strong, durable, slip-stain-scratch resistant, with colour that goes all the way through, and so dense that sealing is not necessary in most cases.

  • Mixed encaustic patterns

    Huge range of patterns

    Traditional & modern; commercial & residential

    Whether a pathway on a Victorian terrace, a bathroom in an Art Deco apartment, the waterline of a swimming pool or the entrance to a stylish boutique, we have patterns for every situation.

  • Combination of imported and manufactured encaustics

    Imported - Continuous Encaustics

    Meets or exceeds industry standards

    Strong, durable, slip-stain-scratch resistant, with colour that goes all the way through, and so dense that sealing is not necessary in most cases.

  • Local manufacture encaustics

    Local manufacture - Printed Feature Encaustic

    Meets or exceeds industry standards

    Printed on strong, durable, slip-stain-scratch resistant, solid-colour porcelain, so dense that sealing is unnecessary in most cases.

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The best of our Encaustics Tiles

Continuous encaustics

Our Continuous Encaustics are manufactured in France using the original method patented in the early 19th century. These 150x150mm vitrified porcelain encaustics are suitable for floors and walls, indoors and out.

Feature Encaustics

Olde English Tiles has been screen-printing 'encaustic' tiles since 1984. These designs are based on the encaustic tiles incorporated into the original Victorian tessellated floors as highlights, and have been used in numerous prestige restoration projects worldwide.


Frequently asked questions.
  • What is an encaustic tile?

    Olde English Tiles carries two types of ‘encaustic’ tile. The first is the Continuous Encaustic type, which is a 150x150mm decorative porcelain tile manufactured in the traditional 19th century manner in which the pattern, composed of pigmented porcelain dust, penetrates into the body of the tile, also made of porcelain dust, to a depth of about 3mm. The tile is then fired at 1200 degrees, so that all the porcelain fuses together. The result is an extremely hard fully vitrified product that, according to the French manufacturers, will last for centuries.

    The second type is a vitrified porcelain tile that has a pattern screened onto the surface using specially formulated ceramic inks which penetrate into the surface of the tile. They are then fired at approximately 1000 degrees. The resulting product will last in excess of 50 years. These patterns are available in a range of sizes from 50x50mm up to 150x150mm, and in strips 25x150mm and 75x150mm.

  • Do they need to be sealed?

    Olde English Tiles are the exclusive importers of Winckelmans complete range of fully vitrified unglazed porcelain Continuous Encaustic tiles. They have a porosity level of 0.1% - 0.5%, which is lower than the European standard required for porcelain tiles. This level of porosity means the tiles are virtually impervious to staining. Winckelmans advise that sealing is optional but not necessary. If you elect to seal these tiles it is recommended that it should be done a few days after the tiles have been laid and after the cement film has been thoroughly removed. Only use a quality sealer designed for use on vitrified porcelain tiles. Just to reiterate - sealing is optional.

  • Can they be used outdoors?

    Yes, they can. Our encaustic tiles are made from the same material as our tessellated and mosaic tiles - fully vitrified dry-pressed unglazed porcelain, fired at 1200 degrees centigrade. Our encaustics have the same technical properties and meet the same European standards as our tessellated and mosaic tiles.