Recent Project: Dee Cotter

Leading Sydney Interior Designer Dee Cotter spoke to us about her recent project - the restoration and extension of her Victorian terrace in Sydney’s inner west. This huge undertaking revealed Dee’s love of colour and pattern, so it was only natural she would feel at home working with OET’s tessellated range of floor tiles. She discussed her design philosophy and her fresh approach to using tessellated tiles in her restoration.

What inspired the interiors scheme for your new home?

I used my favourite colour green as the foundation of my colour palette with white for freshness and black for substance. To add softness and loveliness to the interior, I have used shades of pink and terracotta to complement my core colour palette of green, white and black.

The front section of our house has been restored to it’s former glory and the rear is an entirely new addition. My goal was to unite the two spaces of old and new together, so that they merge seamlessly into each other. This has been accomplished by staying true to my colour palette throughout.

Tessellated pathway featuring our Leeds pattern

Why did you choose tessellated tiles for the internal hallway and front entrance?

The entry is the opening to your home and is the defining point of what’s in store. I wanted ours to be beautiful and not just treated like the poor second passageway to the precious first place of the living room.

We chose to do a tessellated tile floor for the sheer beauty it brings to a space as well as being a robust flooring for everyday family life. We also wanted to pay homage to the tradition of yesteryear as well as be fitting for an up to date interior.

Leeds tessellated pattern in colours pearl, dark green and black

How did you arrive at the Leeds pattern in the chosen colourway?

I searched the web for an authentic traditional Victorian tessellated tile pattern and I was drawn to an inspirational image I found most appealing due to it’s predominantly diamond shape layout. I later discovered the Leeds pattern whilst working out my chosen colours from Olde English Tiles. I then added an equal amount of green to the black and white mix, as well as a decorative motif in the centre of my star, for an eye catching yet harmonious colour coordinated pattern.

In more exciting news...

Olde English Tiles recently approached leading Sydney interior designer Dee Cotter to collaborate on the creation of a range of contemporary tessellated tile patterns to complement our traditional range. 

View Dee Cotter's tessellated collection for Olde English Tiles

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