Project in the making: Villa Carmelina by Scott Weston

You can imagine our excitement when architect Scott Weston approached us about designing a custom mosaic pattern for the rooftop of Villa Carmelina - a grand 1887 High Italianate Victorian inner city terrace purchased in the hopes of undertaking a major restoration.

Weston’s ‘Field of Flowers’ mosaic pattern  references the lush green landscape fields, designed in two tonal green hexagonal tiles interspersed with alternating light mauve and dusty pink flowers with butter yellow pollen centres.

mosaic pattern
Playing with colours in the showroom The custom mosaic pattern

The Victorian architectural bones of the home remain intact and certain features like the tessellated tiles to the front and rear verandahs were to be conserved.

To the rear of the property features a stables that will be converted to the master bedroom suite.

A new modern architectural addition was the link between the main terrace and the rear stables, constructed of terrazzo floors, hemlock clad walls, alucobond external cladding and crisp black door and window suites.

Laying the sheeted mosaic pattern

Designing an open yet private Inner City space can be challenging. The solution was to design flat traffic-able roofs that invariably provide an outdoor design opportunity of beautifully tiled private north facing roof balconies accessible from the three main buildings.

Owner and Architect Scott Weston

A fantastic opportunity to custom design the traditional tiles pattern and hexagonal format allowed Weston to play on the notion of roof balconies as artificial landscapes, linking the heritage conservation terrace and stables to the modern architectural addition.

Finished Field of Flowers

"The result of working closely with Olde English Tiles is that we have a bespoke tile pattern created for our home using the traditional hexagonal tile format tiltled ‘field of flowers’ that brings wit, quirk and inventive character to our architecturally designed home."

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