Colour inspiration - green tiles

Green is having it's time in the spotlight at the moment and for good reason. It's an eye catching colour that can be used to create various moods and is typically compatible with most colours. Here are our pick of new and old world influenced green tiles that have wow factor:


Green tiles inspiration

1. Sage 150 x 75 subway tile 

2. Pistache 50 x 50 hexagons (POA)

3. Green 150 x 75 subway tile 

4. Green and super white 25 x 25 rosette hexagon insert 

5. Olde English 100 pattern in pale green and super white 

6. Grid 20 x 20 pattern 

7. Fitzroy pattern in 'cool' colour way

More green inspiration

Devon pattern in green & blue
Light green is the dominant colour in the Devon pattern on this inner Sydney verandah

1. Inverted green colour scheme in Victorian bathroom

The owner of this Victorian home in Kingsford cleverly chose to invert the green wall colour into the Glasgow tessellated floor pattern dotted with pistache and green.

Glasgow pattern - pistache, green, white, black
Close up of Glasgow pattern in green

2.Green rope feature at Harpoon Harry

Bordering a yellow subway tile, the green rope used on the facade of Harpoon Harry in Surry Hills adds to the retro inspired wall design.

Close up of green rope at Harpoon Harry 
Green rope at Harpoon Harry long shot

3. Pops of green in traditional tessellated pattern & path 

The pops of green in the Fitzroy pattern at this Victorian home in inner Sydney beautifully compliment the exteriors of the house.

Fitzroy pattern at Victorian home in Ultimo
close up of Fitzroy pattern with pops of green

4.Green subway tiles at The Beresford & The Annandale

Our heritage green subway tiles have been used on Australian pub facades and bar fronts for decades. The Beresford & The Annandale are two of many hospitality venues that continue to honour this aesthetic today.

Green subway tiles at The Beresford
Green subway tiles bar front - The Annandale

Green tiles for your project

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