Blue Tiles For Stand Out Walls & Floors

There is a reason why blue is a popular colour for interiors - it's calming, evokes the colour of the sea & sky and can be used to create a relaxing nautical feel. Here are our pick of blue tiles to create striking walls and floors, be it for a verandah, bathroom floor or splashback.

blue tiles flat lay

Blue tiles featured from left to right

1. Victoria blue subway tiles

2. Blue 25mm hexagon florette

3. Mix of blue & speckled blue and white 50mm squares - make enquiry

4. Barclay pattern in blue and white

5. Aurora art deco wall tile

6. Trompe L'oeil diamonds pattern

7. Fitzroy tessellated pattern in shades of blue

8. Light grey subway wall tiles

Fitzroy tessellated in shades of blue
Fitzroy pattern in shades of blue
Barclay pattern in blue
Barclay pattern in blue & white

The beautiful blue tiles that you see on this page are made of fully vitrified porcelain and don't need sealing. This makes them the obvious choice in a wet area like the bathroom or outdoor area exposed to the elements.

Hexagon florette in blue & white
Hexagon florette in blue & black

If you're going for a traditional look then consider a heritage tessellated pattern or get creative with mosaics, diamonds and hexagons for a more contemporary feel.

Trompe l'oeil diamonds

Trompe L'oeil diamonds pattern
Aurora blue art deco wall tile
Aurora Art Deco wall tile

A very light shade of blue can be used to enlarge a room whilst a warm, strong blue forces you to turn the area into a dramatic space.

Aurora art deco wall tile

Favourite projects

The rare mix of beauty and durability makes our blue tiles popular for high traffic pubs, boutique hospitality and your front verandah

Newtown Hotel
Newtown Hotel Speckled, blue & black 100 x 100
Blue tiles at Market Lane Roasters
Market lane roasters Custom tessellated pattern in shades of blue
blue tessellated tiles
Inner west verandah Devon pattern

Feeling inspired by the shades of blue on this page?

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