Bespoke Tile Murals

Wish you could bring a tiled wall to life without the slow turn around and high cost that comes with hand painted artwork? Your prayers have been answered.

Thanks to our new digital capability, we can create bespoke tile murals with speed and efficiency. 

What's especially reassuring is the longevity of your tiled artwork. The design is digitally inked onto tile so you can feel confident that it won't scratch off the way that paint does. This is especially important in an outdoor space, wet area or high traffic venue.

Prefer a large format tile over a simple subway tile? No problem, we can print your design on different sized tiles. 

Heat proof. Waterproof. UV proof. Scratch proof.

Yes, you read right.

We make the process super simple too. Simply dream up a design and leave the rest to us! 

Discover the possibilities on our Pinterest board below & enquire today to bring your artistic vision to life.

Header image credit: Satya Eastern Kitchen, Archilovers