Art Deco Inspired Tiles

The Art Deco era celebrated the dynamic aspects of the machine age and was often about making a big impact. It incorporated the strong usage of vivid decorative elements, geometric shapes and colours suggestive of hard-edged modernity. 

A great way to infuse Art Deco charm into a space is through period inspired tiles paired with contemporary styling.

Art deco tiles header image

Art deco tiles featured from left to right

1. Bath border to frame tessellated floor

2. Greek key square mosaic border

3. Times square mosaic floor insert

4. 5 x 5 Hexagon random mix in grey, light grey and super white

5. Sage subway wall tile

6. Deco floor panel

7. Waldorf wall tile

8. Large rosette floor insert

Characteristically angled patterns and geometric accents were pertinent to art deco style and can be incorporated into a space through tessellated and mosaic floor patterns.

Art Deco style mosaic tile patterns

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Hexagon rosette for art deco floor
Hexagon rosette in pistache, white and black
Times square 20 x 20 floor insert
20 x 20 squares floor insert in black and white 

Art Deco style tessellated tile patterns

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killara pattern art deco kitchen
Killara pattern in Art deco inspired kitchen

Art Deco style wall tiles

Angular motifs such as the chevron and zig zag were popular in the art deco era and can still be incorporated today.

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Waldorf art deco wall tile
Waldorf Art Deco wall tile

Bold colours like black, white and grey reflect the luxurious character of the period and can be paired back with softer greens and neutral colours.

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Sage subway wall tile
Sage subway wall tile
5 x 5 hexagon florette
5 x 5 hexagon florette in grey, linen and white

Favourite projects

Our tiles have been used to create an art deco inspired look in hospitality venues, bathrooms and verandahs around the country. Here are a small selection of our favourites.

Cafe Fontaine

Fountain Cafe
Fountain Cafe features Fontaine pattern
Fountain cafe floor
Interior Design by Acme & Co

1920s inspired North Shore apartment

Art Deco kitchen
Killara pattern on kitchen floor
Art Deco Floor panel
Art Deco floor panel in black, parme, white and cognac

South Yarra home

Art deco riser tiles in South Yarra home
Fanefare tile on stair risers
Algonquin hexagon pattern
Algonquin pattern with dentil border

Feeling inspired by the roaring 1920s?

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