Our new site

After 5 great years on our old web site we at Olde English Tiles Australia have decided to update our web site for a few reasons.

First we wanted to merge our shop online collections with our product collections, making it easier to navigate the web site as a whole.

We also wanted our customers from around the world to have more access to buy more products online, which we have done. Not only adding a lot more products to our old shop online collections but also adding new collections to our online store. While not all of our products can be purchased on the new web site due to the vast selection of patterns and equally vast selections of colour combinations as in the Tessellated tiles and other collections our friendly sales staff can organize to work with you over the phone or through email contact to get these products to you. Keep into account what you see on our web site is just a part of our full range of products. We hope in future to have many more items/collections for you to see on this new site.

The other benefit of this new web site is that it is not only desktop friendly but also tablet and mobile friendly as well.

Take your time to stroll through all the collections – you'll be surprised at just how much more than tessellated tiles we offer.

We stock everything from Victorian style basins and baths, to custom hand painted tiles, tap ware and accessories. 

We also wanted to make sure users know about the happenings of our company – this could be anything from new ranges to sales and discount periods. We will be updating our news section from time to time so check back often to be the first to hear about our latest announcements and how you can benefit!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram  for updates on sales or new products.

Lastly, it is of utmost importance to us that this site constantly develop and evolve to the tastes of our users. If you have any feedback regarding the performance, usability or efficiency of the site, please let us know. Our webmaster can be reached at dom@oeta.com.au, and is gladly open to all your suggestions. 

Finally, feel free to hop on and say hi to us. Whether it be a question about one of our products, a request for us to come and give you a quote, or even to just to tell us how you're finding the new site, we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again, and happy browsing!