The Terrace House With Parma

"Some innovate, others imitate." This is the story of one of those rare cases of innovation.

In a suburb as richly endowed with elegant homes as Woollahra, creating something that literally stops people in their tracks is no mean feat, but this modest project has managed to pull it off.

The owner wanted to create a strong positive statement with the new verandah tiles for her 1870's terrace. The existing sandstone pavers had seen better days. They were badly worn and shabby; something practical and easy maintenance was required. She opted for the Glasgow pattern with a Norwood border, a fairly popular combination, but the devil is in the detail. Unlikely as it may seem, her inspiration for the devilishly simple colour scheme (white + parma) came from an unusual source - her turquoise coloured front door. It may be a highly unconventional combination, but there's no denying that it works. It also makes the space appear much larger. 

Products used:

Glasgow Parme Glasgow Parme Glasgow Parme Glasgow Parme Glasgow Parme