Queen Street - Quality Street

"If you own an art gallery that represents some of Australia's best known artists, then an eye for aesthetic excellence is crucial. If you own an art gallery on one of the most prestigious shopping strips in NSW, then every aspect of your business will be held to the very highest standards. Therefore, if you own a gallery in Woollahra, you can't afford to allow the roots of a nearby tree to compromise the integrity of the verandah tiles of your grand Victorian terrace. After all, in the world of Art, appearances are everything.

Sam Dickerson, owner of the Dickerson Gallery, established in 1992, had undertaken a complete renovation, inside and out, of the Queen Street property, and contacted Olde English Tiles to be involved. Our brief was to repair & restore the large tessellated entrance hall, and exactly replicate the original tessellated pattern on the verandah - a modified version of our Leeds pattern, plus a custom border. Also, two fireplaces in the main gallery area required hearth tiles that continued the period feel; a Baby Windsor with Richmond border was chosen.

This commitment to quality and beauty, married to a respect for the traditional and an active encouragement of the new, are values shared by the two companies - the Dickerson Gallery and Olde English Tiles. The results of this balanced approach are clear to see."

Products used:

Custom Tessellated Custom Tessellated Custom Tessellated Custom Tessellated Custom Tessellated