Mosman Metamorphosis

The metamorphosis of this Federation bungalow in Mosman is nothing short of spectacular, largely achieved through the transforming magic of the geometric 'old English' style pathway and verandah tiles. The home owners had undertaken a complete renovation of the exterior of the house both front & back. However, they felt that the original verandah tiles failed to strike the right note and looked shabby, but they didn't want to depart too far from the Federation aesthetic. Essentially, they were after something that was in keeping with the architecture of the home, something that provided a fresh perspective on the traditional tessellated concept, and would open up the front garden area and make it look bigger. Enter the Bristol pattern & Norwood border in black, white & charcoal - a neutral palette that perfectly suits the paint scheme of the house and achieves a wonderful sense of unity between the two zones.

Products used:

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