Mosaics May



Our beautifully crafted, old world mosaic patterns that you love to specify? We're celebrating them this month with a big sale, exclusively for designers and architects.

To take advantage, simply specify any of the below hallmark mosaic patterns in a colourway of your choice and have the holding deposit paid before May 30. The best part? There is no limit on the number of projects that you can enjoy these savings on.

Made with superior quality tiles and assembled in our local Sydney factory, our mosaic patterns are truly special and are suitable for a residential floor or high traffic commercial space alike.

Don't wait - get creative and specify in May to save!

1. Choose a pattern

Algonquin 25

25 x 25 x 3.8mm Hexagons
$199 m2/ ($350/m2)

Fontaine 25

25 x 25 x 3.8mm Hexagons
$269/m2 ($375/m2)


32mm Cross and 18mm Round
$249/mb2 ($460/m2)

Trompe L'oeil

25 x 25 x 3.8mm Hexagons
$259/m2 ($400/m2)

Motif 25

25 x 25 x 3.8mm Hexagons
$289/m2 ($440/m2)

Central Park

25 x 25 x 3.8mm Hexagons
$229/m2 ($375/m2)

2. Design a colourway

From over 35 beautifully balanced colours

Choose your desired colours for any of the above patterns from a colour palette of 30 harmonious hues. Don't have a colour palette? Reply to this email to have one posted to you or to get a second opinion on colour combinations.

3. Specify and save.

Use the code "#Mosaicsmay".

Send us an email to request a formal quote for your client projects.

About Our Mosaics.

Superior Colour Retention

Colours that won't fade over time

Deep Scratch Resistance

No deep cuts or perforations

Water Resistance

Use inside or out, wall or floor

High Dent Resistance

Tiles that take a knock or two

Squares Edges.

Rectified, non-rounded edges.

Matte Finish

A natural surface patina.